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BSCMR Survey Results

BSCMR Survey results can be viewed here–there are a total of 82 active UK CMR units currently.

The BSCMR has periodically surveyed CMR units in the UK. Two previous surveys have been performed in 2011 (2008-2010 data) and 2014 (2013 data). The latest survey conducted in 2019 (appraising 2017-2018 data) marks an opportunity to look at CMR growth in the UK over a 10-year period as well as regional and national variation, and at other characteristics of CMR Units in the UK.
The objective was to retrospectively appraise scan volume, indications, waiting times, scanners and staffing across all CMR units in the United Kingdom.
Full survey results are due to be published in a peer review journal shortly.
The BSCMR survey was led by Niall Keenan and John Greenwood. It involved the collaboration of all current members of the BSCMR board (Gaby Captur, Gerry McCann, Colin Berry, Saul Myerson, Timothy Fairbairn, Lucy Hudsmith, Declan P O’Regan and Mark Westwood) and would not have been possible without the invaluable support and responses of the many CMR leads from across the UK.


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