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SCMR 2014 Lectures

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Plenary Lectures

The Future of Quantitative Imaging
By Orlando Simonetti – The Ohio State University

Hibernating Myocardium
By Eike Nagel – King’s College London

Perfusion Analysis
By Sven Plein – University of Leeds

Perfusion and FFR in CAD
By Colin Berry – University of Glasgow

Invited Lectures

Global CMR
By Raymond Kwong 

Molecular and Cellular MRI Methods in Small animal models of heart disease
By Gustav Strijkers – Eindhoven University of technology

Experimental Therapies and Molecular Mechanisms Explored using CMR in Mouse Models of Ischemic Heart Disease
By David Sosnovik – Massachusetts General Hospital

Myocardial Function, Perfusion, and Parametric Mapping in Small Animal Models of Heart Disease
By Xin Yu – Case Western Reserve University

Enhanced CMR in Small Animals using State-of-the-Art Acceleration Techniques
By Jurgen Schneider – University of Oxford

CMR in Transplant Rejection
By Andrew Taylor – Alfred Heart Center and Baker Heart Research Institute

Sarcoidosis – The Chamaeloen affecting the Heart
By Jeanette Schulz-Menger – Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

CMR in Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
By Valentina Puntmann – King’s College London

Clinical Needs in Systemic Disease – A Cardiologist View .
By Peter Buser – University Hospital Basel

Cardiovascular Function: Lessons to Learn from CT
By Daniel Boll – Duke Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Center

Strategies for Image Fusion: Electrophysiology Applications
By Saman Nazarian – John Hopkins University

Inflammation and Cardiovasular Imaging with PET
By Nehal Mehta – National Institutes of Health

Strategies for Cardiovascular MRI-PET
By Pamela Woodard – Washington University School of Medicine

Perfusion Imaging with CT: State of the Art and Outlook
By Joao Lima – Johns Hopkins University

HCM Risk Stratification
By Sanjay Prasad – Royal Brompton Hospital

How Should I Quantify LGE in HCM?
By Rory O’Hanlon – Centre for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, Blackrock Clinic

Future Directions for CMR in HCM… T1 Mapping and Other Novel Methods for Detection of Abnormal Substrate
By Alexis Jacquier – CHU La Timone/ CEMEREM Marseille

CMR for Diagnosis and Phenotypic Characterization in HCM
By Ethan Hawkes Rowin – Tufts Medical Center

Debate: LGE can be Used for Risk Stratification of Sudden Death in HCM
By Martin Maron – Tufts Medical Center