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Dr Peter Swoboda

Dr Peter Swoboda

I have a hope to bring my unique perspective to the BSCMR board with a foot in both the academic CMR and clinical service provision camps.

Since my appointment as a consultant cardiologist in 2019 I have worked in Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust (a DGH in Wakefield serving a population of 500,000).

In this time I have led in rapidly growing and developing the CMR service to the point where we now do >1000 scans a year. I am particularly proud of our stress perfusion and cardio-oncology surveillance services. I have also set up a full time cross-sectional imaging fellowship in which a senior cardiology trainee can expect to report >600 CMR scans in a year.

Alongside this clinical work I have been involved in academic CMR at Leeds for over a decade. I have published 84 papers on CMR topics including athlete’s heart, cardiomyopathy and ischaemic heart disease and have collaborated with researchers from most CMR sites around the UK. I was previously on the BSCMR trainees committee.

I would be delighted to share my unique perspective of academic and clinical CMR as an honorary member of the BSCMR board. I believe that my experiences are aligned with the vision of BSCMR to provide the highest quality CMR services throughout the whole of the UK.


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