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BSCMR Lecture Series

BSCMR 2014

How to get involved with CMR research in the UK 
– By Stefan Neubauer (Oxford)
The future role of CMR in IHD
– By Eike Nagel (London)
4D flow – ready for clinical application?
– By Malenka Bissell (Oxford)
My approach to T1 mapping in clinical practice
– By Andrew Flett (Southampton)
The role of CMR in electrophysiology
– By Francisco Leyva (Birmingham)


BSCMR 2013

Lessons for non-invasive imaging studies from the FAME and FAME II studies
– By Andrew Arai – National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute


BSCMR 2011

CMR at high field strength: here today and more tomorrow?
– By Matt Robson – Oxford
My approach to the difficult patient: tips and tricks to optimise image quality
– By Gerry McCann – Leicester Royal Infirmary
Late gadolinium imaging: from infarct detection to interstitial expansion
– By James Moon – Heart Hospital


BSCMR 2010

My approach to CMR for HCM
– By Rory O’Hanlon – Belfast
My approach to extra-cardiac anatomy
– By Charles Peebles – Southampton


BSCMR 2009

Myocardial oxygenation assessed with BOLD imaging
– By Theo Karamitsos – Oxford University
Imaging of myocardial oedema
– By Colin Berry – Glasgow
Molecular imaging with CMR
– By Robin Choudhury – Oxford University
My approach to blood flow imaging
– By Andrew Taylor – Great Ormond Street Hospital
My approach to tumours.
– By Raad Mohiaddin – BSCMR 2009
My approach to perfusion
– By Mark Westwood – London Chest Hospital



CMR for ischemia – ready for prime-time?
– Oct 2007: By Professor Eike Nagel.
CMR for cardiac resynchronisation
– January 2008: By Dr Francisco Leyva.
CMR for heart failure
– April 2008: By Professor Dudley Pennell.
CMR for valves
– July 2008: By Dr Saul Myerson.
Cross sectional imaging for percutaneous valve implantation
– October 2008: By Dr Andrew Taylor
CMR for Acute Coronary Syndrome
– June 2009: Dr Andrew Arai.
CMR guided revascularisation
– October 2009: Dr. John Greenwood.
CMR for Heart Failure
– April 2010: Dr. Lisa Anderson.
CMR for Clinical trials
– July 2010: Steffen Petersen.
CMR for the interventional Cardiologist
– Sept 2010: Dr. Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci.
Extracellular Volume, Late Gadolinium Enhancement and CMR Outcomes Research
– 2012: Dr Erik Schelbert – University of Pittsburgh
Extracellular Volume Imaging by CMR – From bedside to bench and back
– 2013: Dr Martin Ugander – Karolinska Institute