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BSCMR Elections 2018

The BSCMR have reconfigured the board so there are now 6 (from 4) ordinary board members, 3 (from 2) elected every two years. This year 3 positions are available.


Governed by its Articles of Association, the BSCMR is administered by a Board elected by its members.

According to the election rules set out in the Articles of Association, three places on the BSCMR Board will become vacant on the 4th May 2018. A Board election will therefore now take place for the recruitment of three new Board Members for the period of 4th May 2018 for two years.


The following positions will be filled automatically on 4th May, according to the Articles of Association and agreement within the Board:

President: Professor John Greenwood

President-Elect: Dr Mark Westwood

Treasurer: Professor Colin Berry

Honorary Member: Dr Saul Myerson

Honorary Member: Dr Tim Fairbairn

The Articles allow for a total of three ‘Other Members’.

Voting at BSCMR Board elections is often very tight with sometimes few votes between candidates, so please use this opportunity to help elect your chosen candidates; your votes are important.

Results and successful candidates will be 30th March 2018

The appointments will be made at our AGM on the 4th May 2018 in Edinburgh.

Please use the voting form below.

You can view each nominees application / bio by clicking on their name in the form and a new window will open or click here to view all the nominees.

To submit your vote for a nominee please select the relevant candidate via the radio button and click submit.

Only one vote per valid BSCMR member is possible.

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